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India is known for its rich heritage and the ancient texts on science and knowledge.

Systems.  Our heritage is not only a precious legacy but also the lifeblood of rural communities, having sustained their lives and economies for ages.

Many of these tangible and intangible heritages, some dating back centuries, stand as the last remnants of our ancient culture, representing significant chapters in our history.

Surrounding these sites are cultural assets within communities, expressed through art forms such as music, dance, folklore, food, and festivities.

These cultural treasures have faced neglect, leading to a sharp decline over time.

Hindu temples are a seat of divinity & structures to bring humans and gods together.

The temples are deep rooted in Vedic Traditions & were the epicentre of activity.

We are on a mission to restore this Tradition and Introduce children & youth of today to our rich Heritage & imbibe in them the values preserve the same.

Also in a select few temples around the temple were Ghatikas or Mathas where the Vedas and the 64 Vidyas were learnt.

We are on a mission to preserve our Rich Culture through Art, Performing Art & its affiliated forms & help individuals learn these Kala’s (Performing Art’s) & Vidya’s (Technique’s), collaborating with communities and local partners, we will work to safeguard our heritage and culture and help individuals connect with their roots, traditions, and culture.

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